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Who We Are

KreatiViz journey - how it all began and what we're doing to innovate the future.

Welcome and nice to e-meet you!

Nice to have here! My name is Joao, and KreatiViz really started with a dream and vision, just like you for your project right now.

Briefly, I'm originally from Lisbon, moved and lived in Toronto as a kid and eventually moved to Derby in 2004, where I still reside until now.

Since then I've studied Architectural Technology and graduated from the University of Derby.

This then led me into a career within the architecture industry, where throughout the years I was able to practice and develop my skills through a numerous amount of projects, that I'm grateful to have been involved in.


Lastly, by understanding buildings, design processes, UK regulations and much more, I was quickly able to combine my passion for design with 3D processes, in which I quickly began to take on the role for also, producing 3D architectural renderings for clients and leading me to starting KreatiViz in 2022. The mission since then has always been to provide innovative services and solutions for both architecture, construction and 3D visualisation industry.

Want to discuss your project, Contact Us today!

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Joao Bravo - Founder & 3D Artist KreatiViz
Joao Bravo - KreatiViz Director & Founder
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KreatiViz 3D Rendering Studio
KreatiViz - 3D Renderings & Home Designs

About KreatiViz and the Company!

Born in October, 2022. KreatiViz is an Architectural Design & 3D Rendering Studio based in Derby, the heart of England.

Unique story telling through realistic CGIs for every project we participate in, is on the top of the list for our aims and objectives. Memorable experiences make a difference and we take pride in every little pixel we produce so everyone can experience the future with us.

We believe innovation is key. We're not necessarily re-inventing the wheel, but innovating it!

We are currently the only company in Derby that is deeply involved in the archviz industry, and specialises in complexed and high quality 3D rending services. Also, we are possibly amongst just a handful of similar 3D studios in the East Midlands Region.


We have very high ambitions to keep on growing and innovating our services. In a short period of time we have now been involved in various projects, not just Nationwide but also Internationally.

Let's bring your vision to life, Contact Us today!

Our Mission

Transforming visions and ideas into stunning visual realities.

The Future is Now!

Core Values


KreatiViz we uses the latest technology and software to bring the future to the present through realistic visual content. We create, develop and deliver innovative solutions for the architecture and construction industry.


We take extreme responsibility for our commitments and actions very serious, to ensure the trust of all our clients. Being transparent with our capabilities, timelines, costs and more, is a matter we take very serious.


We take pride in our problem solving solutions and daily challenges in our unique way and encouraging creating thinking. Through great CGI composition we aim to evoke emotion and engagement. 

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Looking for 3D Renderings?

KreatiViz Studio - 3D Rendering Studio & Home Designs


  • How much does 3D Rendering services cost?
    We will initially send you KreatiViz Information Pack and 3D Price Guide List. However, prices differ on the type of project, scale, amount of images/animation and more. Final quote is then given upon details provided for your project. Contact Us today and let's discuss your project!
  • What do we need to quote your project?
    Certain types of information is required to create the 3D model and CGIs for your project. From floor plans, elevations, hand sketches or even just your idea explained and we make it happen. In addition to this, materials, colours, needs and vision can also help the process but don’t worry, we got you covered when needed to make suggestions or help with design decisions too. However, the more information you give us the better.
  • Do you offer revisions before final work is completed?
    Yes, we offer revisions free of charge until final handover and payment. We understand first renderings shows room for improvement or some ideas might change slightly. We do our best to have initial 3D visuals almost or hopefully finalised within the first handout. Maximum of two revisions is provided for slight changes, if designs or visuals change greatly, the amount of work does too and this may occur additional costs if that's the case. However, we tend to be as flexible as possible.
  • Do you provide 3D Visualisation services worldwide?
    Yes! Although, we're are an Archviz Studio based in the UK, we already offers 3D Architectural Rendering Services to various clients across the globe, as our digital services allows us to.
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