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3D Architectural Renderings
           & 3D Home Design Services

Professional Architectural 3D Rendering Services & Home Design Solutions Under One Roof

5 Stars Verified Google Reviews From Our Trusted Clients

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Who We Are...

You Imagine...
           We Create!


Why Choose KreatiViz

Streamlined Process

Our organised workflow and processes ensures that all clients can effortlessly enjoy 3D Visualisation services smoothly and promptly. We make sure every pixel is perfect. Contact us today!

Dynamic, Creative and Unique.

KreatiViz produces Creative Visuals with a high level of artistic performance, that will make you "check your glasses" and think twice about it being real or not. See our projects!

High Quality CGI

Photo-realistic 3D architectural  renderings and cost effective. Offering CGI services not just in the UK, but also around the globe for various sectors, such as residentials, commercial and industrial projects.

Experienced Industry Service

With our extensive experience and vast projects we worked on, our expertise allows us to bring you the future, to the present through photo-realistic still renderings, videos and 3D Virtual Tours.

What We Do & Offer

Our Services

KreatiViz offers high quality work, with vast experience in CGI, 3D design & visualisation, and our very unique, innovative and affordable architectural design services for all homeowners across the UK (Free Virtual Tour Glasses For Mobile Included).

Over time, with passion for creativity, innovation and our expertise, we've progressed onto becoming industry experts and into a reputable architectural visualisation studio based in Derby, United Kingdom for the services of 3D digital images, animations and house concept designs.

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What People Are Saying

Take a look at a few of KreatiViz's 5 Star reviews from Google.

Conrad Gibbons

“I needed a 3D visual animation to show a storage container site design which we will be rolling out across the UK. We are easyStorage, part of the easy brand which includes easyJet. Joao was a pleasure to work with, he delivered the project to an excellent standard within the agreed timeframe. He went the extra mile as it was a tight deadline. He added extra touches to create a realistic look, plus a soundtrack. We used the animation at ExCel London on our stand as well as online. I recommend KreatiViz as a dependable, competitive, hi-quality provider.”

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our mission is to always bring the future to the present, through photorealistic 3D visualisation content.

Follow Our Journey...



  • How much does 3D Rendering services cost?
    We will initially send you KreatiViz Information Pack and 3D Price Guide List. However, prices differ on the type of project, scale, amount of images/animation and more. Final quote is then given upon details provided for your project. Contact Us today and let's discuss your project!
  • What do we need to quote your project?
    Certain types of information is required to create the 3D model and CGIs for your project. From floor plans, elevations, hand sketches or even just your idea explained and we make it happen. In addition to this, materials, colours, needs and vision can also help the process but don’t worry, we got you covered when needed to make suggestions or help with design decisions too. However, the more information you give us the better.
  • Do you offer revisions before final work is completed?
    Yes, we offer revisions free of charge until final handover and payment. We understand first renderings shows room for improvement or some ideas might change slightly. We do our best to have initial 3D visuals almost or hopefully finalised within the first handout. Maximum of two revisions is provided for slight changes, if designs or visuals change greatly, the amount of work does too and this may occur additional costs if that's the case. However, we tend to be as flexible as possible.
  • Do you provide 3D Visualisation services worldwide?
    Yes! Although, we're are an Archviz Studio based in the UK, we already offers 3D Architectural Rendering Services to various clients across the globe, as our digital services allows us to.
  • What is KreatiViz Home Design services?
    KreatiViz house design services are specialised for loft and / or garage conversions, property extensions, interior reconfigurations and more. We work with all types of homes, from bungalows to detached properties, or even Georgian villas. We provide an online design service that's unique and tailored for home owners and property developers across the UK. Contact Us today and let's talk about your ambitions!
  • How does it work?
    It's simple: 1. Create a Log In account to access the back office. 2. Place an order. 3. Fill out a short questionnaire about your property. 4. Online meeting to discuss further details. 5. We then draw up your existing home in a matter of a few days. 6. We move onto designing your perfect space, matching your budget and ambitions. 7. Finalised 3D visuals and virtual tour for your future home. 8. You now have a clear vision and can start getting quotes. See more on out Home Design Services page.
  • What are the costs for your home sketch design services?
    We have an innovative way for this, a fixed price system that is extremely affordable and easy to understand. An all in one package in a click of a button! Our costs are based on the number of bedrooms for the existing property, as we need to draw it up first to help us understand the structure as a whole. That's it! No more hidden or additional fees for once. See more on out Home Design Services page.
  • How you draw my house without visiting or seeing it?
    This one of the many beauties of our service. We use data that's available publicly like Google maps, Rightmove listings or estate agents' listings and look for previous planning permission submissions. For us to get started on your home design this is usually enough for the level of detail provided to give you design ideas (we aim for ~80% accuracy). However, if you already have a measured building survey completed, we can then use it and implement it into our software to draw up plans and bring your home into 3D using measurements provided from survey. Any questions you may have, please book a free 15 minute Online Meeting and we'll be happy to assist you.
  • Do you provide Planning Permission, Building Control or Construction Drawings?
    KreatiViz home designs is an affordable, online and fast turnaround service that offers a quick starting point for you to visualise your residential project through 2D floorplans, 3D floorplans, 3D visuals / images and virtual tours, to give you design ideas and to inform you of what's possible and budget. As we're completely online, we can only aim to achieve ~80% accuracy and for the above is not accurate enough. However, you now have a design and a clear vision of what's achievable, and you can also start to get quotes whether planning permission is required or if it's with permitted development. Any questions you may have, please book a free 15 minute Online Meeting and we'll be happy to assist you.
  • How fast can I get my KreatiViz Plans?
    Free - 15 Working Days Email Delivery Any questions you may have, please book a free 15 minute Online Meeting and we'll be happy to assist you.
  • Can I get different design options for house design?
    Certainly! You may want to see a different design layout option with a different set of ambitions and budget. For this we provide an Alternative House Design option at discounted price. Please keep in mind that our Add-Ons can only be purchased with or once a package plan has been added. See more on out Home Design Services page.
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